Monday, April 7, 2014


  After making myself the Sarah Kay- inspired outfit, I was still left with some strips and pieces of the fabrics. So I decided to make a similar outfit for my girl. Like mother like daughter, almost. =)

I call this "Saturday Outfit" because I think Saturday is the most relaxed and fun day of the week. A day when you´re supposed to laugh and play hard, chill out, and enjoy life to the fullest. Clothes can be more relaxed than on any other day, and the more colorful the merrier. This style does deliver: green stretchy shirt combined with baggy purple pants.

Yo-yos have become a favorite of mine. They are so comfortable for little kids to wear, and easy for mommy to make... =) These ones add color and texture to the subtle green shirt (which looks strangely grey in these pics).
More yo-yos on the flip side. The trick is that you can only see one set of yo-yos at a time, either on the front or the back. Enough is enough.

Funny thing is, that I used the same type of decoration in the previous Saturday Outfit I made last August (My girl has outgrown that, so I needed to make a new one.)
  This outfit has proven to be great in use. The model of the pants is actually meant for boys, but I think girls also deserve to wear comfortable, as well as pretty, clothes!

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