Wednesday, April 30, 2014


  Time to push the boundaries and make the most modern outfit yet for my Freedom Collection.

White stripes on black. On one hand a classic print, but on the other hand a modern pattern to use it in. This is a timeless look that would suit women of all ages. I can easily picture it on a ten-year-old and on an eighty-year-old (considering her posture was still relatively normal). I do not yet have age crisis, but I notice liking age-neutral pieces of clothing. Beauty and style are not dependent on age you see!

At home I can walk around without leggings with the tunic (especially on this hot balcony on a sunny day), but everywhere else I go, I pull a pair on for sure. =)

Silvery aromatherapy earrings keep the look modern, and when essential orange oil is added, they keep me smiling! (Speaking of smiling, I can see my teeth look quite bright and white in this picture. I want to believe it is due to my healthy diet, avoiding just for the very reason, red wine, black tea, cola, coffee, and tobacco too. Last winter I had my teeth checked for laser whitening, but they sent me straight home saying if they did anything to my teeth at all, they´d end up looking ridiculously white. Yes, it must be my diet... Another good reason to eat healthy!  =)

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