Thursday, April 24, 2014


  It was time to make a bit darker shirt to my casual, classic, comfortable, yet modern Freedom Collection (free from work, peer pressure, and excess hassle).

Still digging the basic greys and blue jeans. But this shirt introduces the waterfall neckline to the collection.

Only little, and very natural makeup is worn with Freedom clothes. The earrings are my own aromatherapy ones again, what else?! It seems I can´t do without essential oils anymore.

The back is simple. Freedom collection is the most simple and modern of all my collections. So modern in fact, that I´m wearing store-bought jeans even.  =)

It all started with this fabric. I had no plans to make this shirt overall, but when I saw this soft, well draping, beautiful grey knit in the fabric store, it hit me instantly. I "needed" to make this.
  Hail freedom!

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