Tuesday, April 29, 2014


  These cute aromatherapy earrings capture the essence of my Beltane:

Sweet pink roses combined with essential geranium oil.

  I choose essential geranium oil as the scent for Beltane. It is rose-like, but much cheaper than authentic essential rose oil. And to be honest, I´m not sure which has a nicer scent, they´re both mesmerizing.

  I am often asked which essential oil is good in general. I would say they´re all wellness-promoting, so no matter which one you choose, you can´t go wrong. Essential oils do have healing properties, but besides them, you can also go by your nose. Choose the one(s) you like. That´s what I did with geranium oil, and got a bunch of wellbeing as a side effect.  =)

P.S I made two extra pairs of these earrings, which are now available on my shop Nelland Boutique for 20eur (free shipping & handling worldwide).  

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