Wednesday, April 9, 2014


  SpongeBob SquarePants is our family´s all time favorite. Our son, now 9 1/2 years, fell in love with him as a two-year-old. Now our daughter, just recently turned two, has also learned to dig SpongeBob above all else. For us parents, he has rocked through all these years, and still continues to do so.
   In short: SpongeBob SquarePants rules!

  Ostara is the perfect playful time to honor Mr. SquarePants. I designed this modern-day outfit for myself, inspired by him.

Yellow, of course! Yellow and dark grey are the two main colors in my Ostara palette. This look is inspired by SpongeBob, not a direct copy of his image. Yin and Yang, style and costume-like, it´s all about balance. But fun it has got to be! The bright sunny yellow here does just that.

The fabric of the pants is repeated in the hairband, just to bring everything together. It´s a nifty little detail possible when making you own clothes, but not when store-bought. Makeup is almost nude, keeping the look young and fresh (Ostara is the time of childhood). I applied shimmery light yellow/golden eyeshadow on the inner 2/3 of the lids, and medium dark greyish brown on the outer 1/3. Beige blush on the cheeks, and yellow/golden gloss on the lips. A note on the necklace: originally I planned to dig up an old SpongeBob keyring I know we have somewhere, and turn it into a necklace for this outfit. It was meant to be the centerpiece, sort of "explaining" the whole idea in this look. But so far I have not yet found it! What a shame. I will have to get a new one if I don´t find it soon. But a SpongeBob necklace it will be!
The sleeves are this wide, making the shirt nice and comfortable. I like to wear essential orange oil on the earrings for this outfit. It is fresh and lifts up spirits (plus decreases anxiety, eases abdominal- and menstural pain, promotes good digestion and is relaxing). 
  Long live SpongeBob´s innocence, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, trust in others, positive mindset, and helpfulness. I have a lot to learn from him...

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