Wednesday, October 23, 2013


My neighbor is a farmer who grows organic vegetables. I can´t believe I have such a neighbor! I mean, how lucky can I be? It is awesome to get the freshest possible ingredients straight from the field. Before I did not even understand what "fresh" truly means. Now I do. It is this:

This is what I´m made of these days. I turn them into salads and stews, and steam, wok, shread, and mash them.

Beautiful yellow onions.


Parsnip and carrots.


  All these babies were grown 100-300 meters away from my house! Almost in my backyard, literally. It´s so great that I can just walk up to the farmer´s house and back. That´s all the transportation needed. How green is that? 

  A note on our tapwater is in place. Since we live in the (almost rural) countryside, we have our own water well. It is pure ground water, to which nothing is added. My sister always strokes her hair after washing it at our place, praising how good and soft it feels.

  I´m so happy and appreciative of these basic values being in order!  =)

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