Tuesday, October 22, 2013


  Black is the color in my Samhain palette. Nature turns colorless, black and grey, now as it falls into it´s annual winter sleep. Everything looks dead.
  Enevitably it brings to mind my friends and family members, who have passed away. I start looking back in time, and end up where my Grandpa´s parents were born, the late 19th century. That´s the oldest generation of my family I ever got to know.

  In the honor of my great-grandparents, I designed and made this outfit:

Black velour tunic with off-white cotton lace trim. Pants are plain black fleece. This is both comfortable and warm. I suppose people in the 1800´s did not have the luxury of comfiness in their winter clothes.
The sketch, the design. I just love these Bratz figures!  =)  It is always amazing to see the garment come together, and often even exceeding my own expectations. The doll here always looks so exaggeratedly gorgeous, that I myself am a bland comparison!  =(
The collar adds a needed uplift to my otherwise flat chest.  =) 

I tend to love classic styles, and bringing them to our time is not always so easy. This look was particularly challenging to keep sophisticated and fancy, but still casual enough for everyday wear. Stripping all excess did the trick here. The lace trim is actually the only, but very powerful, catch.

This jewelry I have had for years, and it all fits more than perfectly to this look. The makeup is all grey and black in the eyes. On the cheeks and lips I added a thin layer of deep red.

  Nothing ever stays the same. Evolution and progress are important. But it is also healthy to know where we come from, and accept and respect our past. We are the result of our forefathers. In good and bad. Now it´s our time to make our decisions. In good and bad.
  My dearest Grandfather used to always teach me that "as long as you do your best, it´s enough". Very wise words.

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