Saturday, October 19, 2013


  Eating raw foods during Mabon left me craving for grains, and with two kilos extra weight. Time to fix it.
  Like this:

1/2 liter green tea (w/ soymilk)
1 dl muesli w/ soymilk
1 fruit/ 2dl berries

Quick and easy breakfast. Organic muesli from the box, green tea with soymilk, and a peeled and chopped organic apple. Looks like a little, but to my surprise is quite enough. When eating raw foods I felt like I had to chow down massive amounts to feel satisfied. I believe the magic is in the grains. I have always loved them.

1/2 liter water
1 home made whole grain bun
veggies w/ beans (prepared low fat)

Total freedom as how and what to prepare, as long as the method is low in fat. This is my Greek salad with chickpeas.

1/2 liter herbal infusion w/ soymilk
1 home made, whole grain, semi-sweet cardamom bun

My cardamom buns are in reality more like bread buns. I use the same recipe, but use soymilk instead of water, vegan margarine instead of olive oil, and add some sugar and spices to the dough. As you can see, these babies are very fibrous. I make them with 100% whole grain flour.

one more bun w/ little vegan margarine and jam
3 pcs. store-bought chocolate coated marshmallows (pathetic, but my weakness... =)

  The idea is to eat however much I want, but the closer I stay to these guidelines, the faster I get results. Two kilos extra weight is not that much, but quickly two become three, then four, and five kilos is a lot of weight to shed. So I rather take this easy way around it, by just nipping the two.

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