Saturday, October 19, 2013


  It is freaking freezing outside! We even got first snow yesterday. So I really need these:

Fleece to the rescue (again =)!  A pretty basic beanie and gloves to keep me warm. I prefer fleece over knit because it stops the wind from blowing through my head, you know, from one ear in and the other one out... Black is always stylish, and crap won´t show so easily in the gloves. Practicality is the key to easiness.
Couldn´t resist adding some detail. These buttons are from my old stash. They give the gloves a nice finished appearance.
Same with the beanie. This is nifty because metal is rarely seen in hats. I simply hand-sew this chain (from a craft store) onto the edge of the beanie. It is super simple, but looks interesting.

The recipe for the gloves:

a hand
a piece of paper
a pencil
30cm fleece

+  Place your hand, fingers spread, on the paper. With the pencil, draw the outline of your wrist, palm, and fingers onto the paper. Add 1cm seam allowance all around. Cut out.
  Place the pattern on a double layered piece of fleece. Cut around the edges of the pattern. Repeat to make a glove for your other hand too (if you have it).
  Stitch close to the edge with a sewing machine. Cut a few openings to the seam allowance between the fingers at the lowest point. Turn right side out, slip them on, and feel the comfort.

  Nothing beats a custom fit in gloves!

 P.S. You can find a very similar pattern for the beanie here.

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