Thursday, October 24, 2013


   Heather is pretty much the only flower that can stand the cold of these Samhain days. Therefore it is the natural choice for my pots outside.

These flower pots, three altogether, align the pathway to our yard. I love to cheer myself up (and hopefully others too) every time I come and go from the house. It is like the first, and last, impression of my home.
These fake little pumpkins have been my staple decor for ridiculously long. The only problem is that birds think they´re edible and go peck on them. So each year I have to discard some because of their bad condition. =)

I´m so happy about my recent discovery: every season is totally enjoyable, as long as the sun is shining! I´ve always strongly disliked winter, especially during Samhain, because it has seemed only murky, damp, and rainy to me. But as I can see in these pictures, it is not like that all the time, and beauty and happiness lies in this sabbat too.
The beauty in heather looks very different from a distance than up close.

  Beautiful Samhain to all!

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