Thursday, October 3, 2013


  Yipee, I´ve finally made it! I´ve yearned to make this outfit for two years already, and now it is completed at last.

A subtle version of the classic cheerleading look. Schools start in the fall, and although I´m way past my high school years, I want to pay tribute to the institution by carrying on one of the most enjoyable of it´s traditions. To me the idea of cheerleading is wholly positive and energetic, and I want to share that with the people I meet. 

When designing, I decided to keep the colors very down to earth, so the outfit would remain wearable, and not turn into a costume. I often love such classic looks, that I need to tone down the ideas in my head big time, to make them work in real life.  =)  Here I chose beige as the main color of the tunic, deep red to accentuate it with, and darker brown for the pants. I always like to keep the top lighter than the bottom, so the natural focus is closer to the face.
I´m forever in love with this tunic pattern I drew myself once. I combined  a regular t-shirt and a mini skirt patterns. It simply works.  The pants are actually red-on-brown pin-striped, and remind me a bit of punk era. But the colors matched the top so well, that I wanted this particular fabric. And the stripes add a point of interest in this otherwise quite simplified look.
Apart from the design I drew, I did not feel the need to add the red stripes to the edge of the short sleeves. I always let the sketch lead the way, but make creative choises as I go. It is always different to see the garment in full size. Only then can I see what each piece really appears like, and how to make it "perfect" (I don´t actually believe in perfect beauty, because the old saying is right: Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder).

My initials are enough detail. I was tempted to add some numbers to the sleeves, and writing in the back, but nah, this is a modern version of the good old look. Streamlined and funky.

  Funny thing is that I´m no sports fan, yet I love this sporty look. I don´t do, or even watch, any sports myself, nor have I ever done cheerleading. But this look brings to mind the "good old days" after WW2, when culture was all about uplifting people´s spirit. Making life happy and enjoyable again. Values still needed even in our time. Hail positivity!

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