Sunday, October 20, 2013


  As I like to explore different ways of eating, so do my breakfasts change. This Samhain I´m eating pretty much the same thing each morning. This plan comes straight from my heart. I remember eating this already as a teenager:

Muesli, a fruit, and a pint of green tea.
  This is a super easy and quick breakfast, that requires minimum preparation.
  The muesli is organic and store bought, so I don´t need to work on it at all.
  The fruit varies depending on what´s in season. This week (as I have tested this plan) I have eaten either one apple, two tangerines, or strawberry puré (berries from my freezer, mixed with honey and psyllium to make raw "jam"). 
  Green tea is on my menu because I like a warm drink, and green doesn´t stain teeth as much as black does. Usually I have the tea plain, but on the morning of snapping this picture I felt like adding soymilk to it. I listen to my body and eat intuitively. As much as feels good. I reckon that as long as I´m craving healthy foods, my body most likely needs the nutrients. So I go for it.

Grain is the center of my meals now. Fruit and veg are side dishes. I like rather dry grain products, such as this muesli or bread, more than porridge or cooked whole grains. I feel more peaceful. But I need to gulp down 1/2 liter of beverage with them to avoid heartburn.  =)

  A week ago I set out to lose the extra two kilos I gained during Mabon. I gave myself this Samhain (about six weeks) to get rid of it. Now one is gone already! Looks like my plan is working (although I have cheated and eaten more goodies than the plan includes...  =).

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