Wednesday, September 4, 2013


  My Ragdoll-look needed jewelry, but nothing suitable was available in the stores. So, naturally, my next step was a craft store. Ragdolls don´t wear bling-bling, or anything too fancy, and I wanted rather to add to the ragdoll feeling than steer away from it. Here´s what I came up with:

It is amazing how jewelry, even as modest and casual as this, complements and completes an outfit. A big difference.

Plain wooden buttons make a crafty necklace for the ragdoll in me.
Small but important, the earrings. The pale light yellow brightens up my face and repeats the color of the tunic. I like repetition, to a point.

Buttons here too, of course. I sew a few rounds of matching blue thread through the holes, first, to give an even more finished look, and second, to make it look as if it was sewn right through my ear. You know, like they would do to ragdolls. =)

    The recipe:

a package of buttons 
yarn and thread
(a lock to the necklace if you make a short one)
a pair of plain earring-studs for crafting
a needle

+ First the necklace. Cut two about 70 cm pieces of the yarn. String a button to the yarns, one yarn from one side through, the other from the other side. Then make a simple basic knot (it won´t be tight or hold the button in place yet, but it is enough), and string on another button. Then knot again. Keep doing this until you´ve reached the desired length. The necklace begins and ends on a knot, then attach the lock pieces.

Then the earrings. Twirl a few rounds of thread/yarn through the holes in the buttons. Glue them on the earrings and let dry leveled and well.

Voil√°! Be gorgeous!

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