Tuesday, September 24, 2013


  I´m a newbie to sushi. It has never been appealing to me for two reasons: nori seaweed and fish. But these mouthfuls I just tried don´t have either, and are really uplifting and energizing, not to mention tasty:

Thin slices of zucchini wrapped around veggies and a thick, creamy dill sauce! Dip them in soy sauce and you´re in heaven...

  The recipe (for two):

dill cream:
5 dl soaked sunflower seeds (soak 4-8 hours)
a handful of fresh dill (adjust the amount to your liking)
a little water

1 zucchini
2 carrots
50 g alfalfa sprouts
1 fermented cucumber

to serve:
soy sauce

+ Place the sunflower seeds in a food processor and run until finely ground. Add the dill and enough water to make a paste-like sauce.
  Slice the zucchini with a cheese slicer and cut the carrots and fermented cucumber into matchsticks.
  On a slice of zucchini, spread some dill sauce, add some carrots, sprouts, and cucumber. Roll up and dip in soy sauce when eating.

  I had no idea that raw food could be this versatile!

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