Monday, September 9, 2013


  It is about time I make an outfit with pants for home wear! I have strolled through the summer in basically dresses only. Now pants feel good again.

A bat-sleeved shirt combined with rather basic pants. Both made of jersey fabric. I like the bat-sleeves because they add volume to my upper body, and balances out my overall shape.
What is more suitable for Mabon than plaids? It somehow brings out the essence of the season.

This set is criminally comfortable to wear! The colors are rather dark, but after the summer it is a nice change. Mabon, after all, marks the point of darkness taking over light.

To lighten up the impression I added buttons all over the outfit. Here can be seen the most obvious ones. I assembled the buttons so that they resemble a necklace, although I sew them onto the shirt directly. The colors of the buttons were carefully selected to add interest but still remain earthy and subtle.

Although not usually seen, I added decorative buttons on the waist too. It makes me feel good to know that the outfit is nicely finished. (It still doesn´t cease to amaze me how my belly was able to shrink back to it´s original size after two pregnancies. Even after the second one, which made my stomach expand beyond the midwife´s charts in the end!)

The look is plain, also in the back. Since this is an outfit made to be worn at home, there is no need for much decoration. Just enough to make it appear well thought through.
I often like to add a little something in the back. These little buttons are quite enough here.

  I love to get up in the morning and have no trouble of choosing what to wear! Even on those days when I know I´m going to stay home the whole day, I still want to wear something neat. Now I can.

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