Wednesday, October 3, 2012


  This shirt I made as a birthday present to my son. (He turned eight, what a big boy!)

This fabric is the same one I used to make the kilt  for my baby girl. Eight-year-olds can be very selective of what they wear, so I had to scratch my head more than once when trying to figure out what to make for my boy. My kids both (I´m still learning to think in plural, although I´ve had two kids for 6 months already) wore these clothes for the birthday party, and were so stylish sitting next to each other! My boy, just like me, also likes traditional, old fashioned clothes, so I ended up making this Lumber Jack- inspired long-sleeved t-shirt. But with a modern, easy-to-wear twist.

Usually I don´t bother much with details, but this shirt cried for a pocket. It is also handy for slipping in his mobile phone.

This shirt is all in one piece. All of the sleeve lengths are sewn together, so it is easy and practical to wear. I added this piece of the plaid fabric to the very end of the sleeves to give the shirt a little more character. The neck edge I trimmed with the white fabric for the same reason, and to make it look a bit more modern.

  Needless to say, this shirt became an instant favorite. And it warms my heart to see him wear it. It feels like he is wearing my love.

  Once again, happy birthday dear!

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