Saturday, October 20, 2012


  It has rained a lot lately, but now I managed to photograph the decorations in my yard on a clear(er) day.

The entrance to our house.

The orange "roses" are in reality rolled up maple leaves. I folded a leaf  in half and then rolled it around the stem. Then I added three to four more leaves around the first one, and tied the bottom with a thin wire. The roses keep well outside, but eventually turn more or less brown.

The peppers are real, the squashes fake. I have had the squashes for years, and I dig them up loyally every Mabon to beautify our yard.

Cyclamen is not traditionally part of my decor, but one has to go by what is available. I often get my seasonal plants at a local flea market, and they don´t carry a wide selection. I try to keep my driving to a minimum, and don´t want to travel too far for something like this. Besides, I do think this arrangement is very suitable for autumn anyway.

This year I bought colorful candles to enliven the darkening evenings. I dare not burn candles in the porches or anywhere too close to our house (I´ve had two people I know burn to death in a fire started by a candle in the house!). But hanging from a tree by the driveway is a safe place, and lets people going past enjoy their bright light also.

These are actually simply candles in colorful jars, to which I have twisted thin wire to make hangers.

  Decorating the entrance to our yard and house is fun. Whenever I come and go, I can always see these little mood-setters, and am in the right (happy and uplifted) set of mind. What a nifty way to sneak good mood and appreciation of the season into our lives.


  1. The roses made from Maple leaves are a fantastic idea, the plants are beautiful and I love the candles in the tree. Wonderful decorations

  2. Glad you like it. And it´s all so easy to make!