Saturday, October 13, 2012


   Home is the best place in the world. A good home is essential for true well-being and happiness. At home we should  be able to be exactly who we are, all masks removed.

  Many of us like a pretty home. A pretty home also includes it´s inhabitants, and therefore I try to have time to make pretty clothes to wear at home. Dressing to the occasion is a good thumb rule, and therefore I think at home it is a good idea to wear something different than at work.

  Here is my home dress for Mabon:

This is probably the boldest and strongest print I have ever worn. I have actually had this fabric in my closet for a few years by now, and it finally came the time to take it in use now. Tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, salad greens... all the crops we collect at Mabon. Just perfect! I decided to trim the edges of the dress with medium brown band to tone it down a bit, and to bind it to the rest of the outfit.

Side profile is important. Often clothes look hideous when seen from this angle, but this little dress works well. I like to wear leggings at home, because they are so practical when I hop in and out of the house all day long. Outside in the grass and sand, pant legs would get all messy and wet, but leggings stay dry and neat. I like to keep life simple and easy when I can.

Surprisingly this dress has only a strap around my neck, instead of the usual accross the back. (This one works better for breastfeeding.) The earrings I made myself too. They are simply two fake tiny little apples from a craft store, hung on an earring base. Maybe a little childish, but I think it is fun. And they go well with the theme.

Life is not only dancing on roses, it is also fun and play!  =)

  So what makes this dress a home-dress, not a work-dress? First of all, it is way too short. I would never go to work in anything this short, even in our modern days when leggings are (still) a hit. It simply is too daring for me. Second, the print doesn´t belong in the city. Period. Dressing to the occasion is important, and if done wrong, can cause some uncomfortable embarrasment.

  This dress is, by the way, made with the same pattern as I made my summer cabin dress. 
 A good example on how one pattern can be turned into very different looks. Handy!

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