Monday, October 8, 2012


  Time to go a little boyish!

There is just something about Mabon that makes me crave for this look. At any other time of year it wouldn´t feel right, but now I´m all for Oliver Twist.

This shirt I made about three years ago. It is the same old bat-sleeved pattern I use for everything. The suspenders I made and added this fall. They are fake, made of cotton fabric and are sewn on the shirt. Earlier I experienced with real ones, but they just wouldn´t stay up and were wobbling over my (normally so small) boobs. It just didn´t feel comfortable and was very unpractical. I don´t want to fix my clothes during the day, I want to focus on life instead. They are there for me, not me for them! The pants I also made now, and they are all against the rules of Trinny and Susannah´s.(I love their work, but this is where I dare step away from the path they have showed.) Normally I make my pants full-length, sweeping the floor. I´ve had the pattern for these pants over ten years, and for some reason have not used it for a long time. I´m glad I did now!

I love these El Naturalista shoes I bought some years ago. Comfort is the key, and I can walk and move around in these shoes all day, not even noticing them. This whole outfit is very comfortable and oh so easy-to-wear!

Makeup is kept neutral, yet visible. I still want to look like a girl, only to play with the boyish look. I used only shades of brown all over. Minimalism in jewellery is also in place here, where a little goes a long way. These simple earrings bring just enough girlyness.

  Varying my looks throughout the year is a lot of fun and keeps life more interesting. Often my colleagues come to say hi to me just to see what I´m wearing that day. I have received compliments on my clothing even from some ministers of state, of whom I occasionally meet at work (but by no means am I a hot shot myself). It feels good to spread good mood and a touch of happiness around! Quoting Lóreal: "we´re worth it"!

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