Friday, October 5, 2012


  Here it finally is, a kilt outfit for me!

This is a basic skirt, not pleated like a real kilt, because I want to avoid the impression of wearing a costume. If there weren´t for the minihat and boots, this outfit wouldn´t resemble a kilt at all. Streamlining traditional looks and clothing is my thing. I make them wearable to the everyday life. I don´t need to reinvent, just make it my own.

Keeping it all simple leaves room for me, the one wearing the outfit. Appearance should never steal the show, rather push forward and stage the person. This outfit looks interesting further away, but when in speaking distance, it is rather plain after all. There aren´t too many details to grab one´s attention.

Balancing between masculine and feminine can be fun sometimes. Mabon is clearly the most masculine time of year for me. This outfit represents the manly side of me. These chains give a touch of masculinity, transforming a feminine garment into something quite the opposite.
Speaking of details, this little beret is quite essential to identify the whole look as a kilt outfit. I made it out of a leftover piece of the skirt fabric by cutting out a circle, gathering it at the outer edge, tuck in some filling, and made a simple pompom on top. Then I just attatched it to a hairband and voil√°! No other accessories are needed. And since I want to keep it slightly mascline, no jewellery is allowed here. The makeup is all in nude tones, brown and beige. The idea is to look pretty without looking too made up. This is where femininity lies in this look, as well as showing off your waistline (no matter the size, men just don´t have it to begin with).

  Now I can cruise the world in a matching outfit with my kids! Hail kilts!

P.S. A word about the turtleneck shirt. I got it from my grandma, used, in the early nineties. She didn´t need it anymore. I have used this shirt every winter since, and it is still in excellent condition! No lint, fuzz, holes, torn seams, nothing. My grandma hasn´t bought new clothes since the early eighties, so I reckon this baby is at least from the late seventies.

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