Tuesday, September 25, 2012


  Kilts rule! Especially on men, but unfortunately there aren´t many who have the guts to wear them... Kilts also are a part of Nelland´s Mabon look. This one is for baby girls (I´m not sure if a kilt on a baby boy would be cool...).

This is a kilt inspired outfit, not a replica of a traditional kilt itself. (What would be the point anyway?) What I like to do is tone down "costumes" to make them wearable in everyday life. I love classic looks, and often design a look based on what impression I have of it in my head. The outcome gives a viewer an aha-experience on the first look, but when seen more closely doesn´t draw too much attention from the person wearing it. I like to keep the outfits simple enough so that when worn, the person inside is still in the main focus.

It is made of two pieces, a body shirt, and a skirt+pant combination. This way the shirt doesn´t crawl up in the baby´s armpits, the skirt won´t twist around, and socks don´t fall off because they are "built in". This means perfect wearability, and not having to fuss with the clothes during the day.

I added this fuzzy pompom in the very end, when I thought the garment was actually finished already. But something was missing. I imagine there is always a pompom at the top of a beret in traditional kilt costumes, but since I certainly will not make my baby wear a hat just to achieve the perfect look, I decided to add it here. If starting to analyze it too much, it may seem weird, but when glimpsed quickly (which is most common when meeting people), it completes this outfit nicely.

I found this soft and stretchy cotton jersey, and couldn´t resist it.

A simple detail at the soles of the feet give a nice twist, binding things together.

  Utilikilts are a total measure of manhood. I wish more men wold be manly enough to wear one, but until then I want to make a kilt more common streetwear myself!

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