Tuesday, April 24, 2012


  A week ago I would not have believed I would be starting my wild edibles season today! It has been so chilly lately, but apparently the couple of warmer days we had here worked wonders in nature. I harvested my first wild edibles this morning! Yipee!

  The first edible plant, that I recognize, has lifted it´s little head up from the ground; goutweed .

Morning dew was still around when I went to collect the sprouting leaves. How is that for freshness?

The leaves look somewhat different from each other, and I had to be careful not to collect anything but goutweed.

Sprouts this young are very tender and can be eaten as a whole, stems and all.

The leaves are still so small and close to the bare ground, that they need a good wash before eating. There were quite some bit of sand in them.

Nettles are still too small for gathering, but I reckon they´ll be the next in my menu.

Today´s crops went straight into my breakfast!

  I´ve had a mission in the past few years to learn one new edible weed per summer. Gout´s weed I discovered last year. It has proven to be easy to add and eat, since it´s flavor is relatively mild. Plus it is easily available, because it is a persistent weed which is hard to get rid of.

  Sergei Boutenko is a widely recognized wizard of wild edibles, and a good source of further information if you´re interested.

  Bon appetít!

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