Friday, April 6, 2012


  Sometimes it is healthy to exaggerate the role of my imaginary, ideal, world. Like today, when I looked out of the bedroom window, I saw this:

Piles of new snow! Yes, there is a place for it in the cycle of the year, but it is not now. By now I´d rather see warm and golden sunlight, melting all this snow away!

No matter how pretty the individual snowflakes are, I´m ready to kiss them goodbye until the next winter!

  Maybe I´ll just stay inside and wait for a nicer weather to arrive... eating healthy food and not-so-healthy desserts... Laying my eyes on the beautiful Oestara decoration inside the house instead. 
  What is comforting in all this is, that I know we´re inevitably heading towards the warm days of summer. Sometimes I´m just too eager, I suppose...  =)

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