Monday, April 9, 2012


  This year I will go with the minimal amount of outfits I can survive with, because I´m still in between shapes and sizes. I gave birth to a good-sized baby only three weeks ago, so my body is still shrinking back to it´s normal self (and oh boy, do I hope to achieve that state once more...). So in order to minimize the amount of wrong sized clothes in the future I will settle for only a few now, until I´m back in business.
  I do need to wear something though, and here is my first look from my Oestara collection 2012:

This tunic is a model suitable for breast feeding mothers. The neck hole is made so that you can easily pop out the milk jugs and start feeding your baby without uncovering your whole stomach. I made this tunic when still pregnant, so I wasn´t able to try it on beforehand. But it turned out okay, and I am happy with it. The 3/4 length sleeves are especially handy.

The tunic is also loose enough around the belly to fit me from right after delivery to until I´m back to my normal size. That´s a small green step for the environment´s sake, not buying many different garments that I will only use for a short time. I will surf through Oestara with this one.

To me Oestara is about childish fun and play, and I want it to show in my outfits. Here I have combined bright-colored wooden beads with turtle earrings. The world is so full of sad and bad news, there has to be a place for cheerful details in it too!
  Make up is as important of a factor as clothes, accessories, and hair, when putting together an outfit. Here I used shimmering pale yellow and darkish purple eyeshadow for the eyes, rosy pink blush for the cheeks, and glittering purple lipgloss to finish the look. I always feel like a different person when I wear make up. Although I don´t consider ever wearing that much of it, it always makes such a huge difference. Or maybe it is all in my head, but as long as it makes me feel more confident and good about myself to face the world, who cares!  =)

  Bright colors like green, yellow, and lilac, are the core of my Oestara palette. Combined with grey they can make stylish looks to carry me through any occasion. Only this year, most of my so called "occasions" are home-based. There aren´t that many places to go to with a newborn. But luckily I have many friends and family who come and see us here at home, and it is nice to dress to the occasion (Oestara-look) for them too. Everybody appreciates a neat appearance and fun company!


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