Monday, April 16, 2012


  Dressing for the occasion is important. No matter how stylish you are, it can be very embarrassing to wear something totally unsuitable for the occasion you are taking part in. Casual wear to the grocery store, relaxed to the summer cabin, smart to a birthday party, etc.
  Now that I´m on maternity leave I´ve decided to make it an occasion to just stay at home. I don´t want to look like a worn out dish rag, even when only staying at home the whole day. The solution is a Home collection from Nelland! I will be testing different types of clothes to find out the nicest and most practical ones. The very first discovery I made are these pieces of "jewellery" I made as a starting point to my collection:

A "wooden" water bucket, a fork, a rolling pin... all familiar kitchenware, turned into something new!

This picture is from my kitchen. And in the kitchen I spend a lot of time in during the day. I think these pieces suit the rustic country look of our house, inside and out,  perfectly.

Little bows bring sophistication to the otherwise very peasant style.

These type of items are easily found at practically any craft store. Just use your imagination when designing your pieces!

  This is a good place to start expanding my vision of an ideal look for homing! A pretty home deserves pretty inhabitants too.  =)

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