Friday, April 13, 2012


  The sprouts are alive! I planted some garden cress seeds a few days ago, and now they have grown and are ready to be eaten.

This soil-less system does seem to work. You can see the roots sticking through the mesh bottom into the water container. Now there is no risk of chipping my tooth, because there are no rocks or sand.

As with all seeds, each of these grow at their own pace. Once I´ve harvested the early ones, there are still more to rise up later on. Handy!

Don´t they just look delicious? The taste is bitter and strong, so I use these sprouts merely as seasoning on top of my food.

  I can but admire the wonder of life. It´s still amazing to me how it is possible that a small, dry, seed can turn into a lush sprout and a veggie. Garden cress is also said to have health benefits

  These will definitely go in my lunch salad today! Yum.

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