Wednesday, April 18, 2012


  I got a few pieces of old hospital clothing from a friend some time ago. She works there, and noticed that a big pile of old worn out t-shirts and pants (or more like long johns) were thrown into the garbage bin. They were all clean and had no holes or anything disgusting in them, so she thought to salvage them from doom. And I was lucky to get some of that treasure.

  At first I had no clue what I would make of them, but later on realized that they were perfect undergarment material! Now that I´m breastfeeding, I like to wear a tank top underneath my nightgown at night. Naturally I don´t own enough tank tops from before the baby arrived, so I really needed some more. What a better way to recycle those old hospital rags (and yes, they were hideous!) than turn them into tank tops? Stuff that I really need right now!

I used a pattern from an ordinary t-shirt, and left out the sleeves. These shirts really don´t need to be perfect, they just need to keep me warm and protect the "delicate parts" of a nursing mother.  =)

To save time, I left all of the edges raw. There is no need to put effort in perfecting them, because they won´t show anyway. No one will see them but me. And if my husband does get a glimpse, that will not likely scare him either. Not after seeing me give birth, twice!

The material is very soft against my skin. After all, it has been brutally washed in hot for who knows how many hundred times.

This brown shirt is the only one that has any lint, and even that it very soft.

Funny that these colors all happen to go well in my Oestara palette.

  I´m totally happy with these tank tops, even though I didn´t finish them off up to perfection. They serve their purpose 100% as they are. Sometimes it is important to sort out priorities. For me, at the moment, it is important to take care of my own well-being as well, and give myself some rest whenever I can. "Sleeping" the nights with a newborn is quite tiring...  But giving up sewing, cooking, and crafts is out of the question!  =)

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