Monday, November 21, 2011


I took a nice bicycle ride deep into the countryside the other day. It was a typical Samhain weather; cloudy, gloomy, misty, and most of all grey. Exactly what ordinarily would describe the word depressing. In this time of year it is easy to fall into despare, thinking this will last forever, and the bright summer days will never come again, but I did find beauty in it too. This type of scenery isn´t seen for very long in the turning of the year. Soon frost and snow will cover the earth and let it have it´s winter sleep before spring.
  I can say I truly enjoyed my little trip and what it offered to my eyes! Sometimes it is just harder to see the beauty in things, but nature is truly an abundant source of it. Here are some glimpses.

The orange sticks are ugly, but necessary marks for the oncoming plow trucks, so they can see where the road ends. There can be massive amounts of snow on this road in the winter, when the wind blows freely accross these fields.

I love rustic old barns!

The fields have already been put asleep.

Everything is so calm and quiet. Why not enjoy that?

Remnants of the passed summer.

Although it was past 1pm, it was still so gloomy it felt like the earth had not entirely woken up after last night...

  No wonder us humans feel a little tired at this time of the year as well! I honestly let myself take it easy now at Samhain. Why fight what feels natural? I know when the spring and summer come, I´ll be all around the place, bursting with energy again. I believe our bodies are more intelligent than we give them credit for. Maybe we could try to listen to them a bit more...

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