Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My latest creation for my son is this cute little outfit, partially made of recycled material. Kids´ clothes aren´t as time-connected as adults´ , or at least I like to think so. Mainly in order to reduce unnecessary and just plain vain purchases. I try to optimize the amount of stuff I buy, and love the idea of saving both environment and money. This outfit can be stylishly worn throughout the cold season.

Brown is a basic color, which is great for all-year-round use, here combined with light blue. This is an outfit clearly to be used during the cold months of the year ( which equals to about half a year in my neighborhood ).
The vest is made of an old sweater I found at a second hand store. I used the original hemline, and trimmed other edges with the leftover fleece from the pants.

The pants are made of soft polar fleece, which is very warm next to bear skin on these chilly early winter days!

  Making these clothes is super easy!
  I especially like to make children´s clothes, because you don´t need that much material, the seams are shorter and quicker to sew, and most of all, the fitting isn´t as exact as with women´s clothes. Because we have entered the cold half of the year, I chose to make the pants out of warm fleece. I like to keep the patterns simple ( is it called laziness? ), and here I used my favorite one: a sweatpant pattern. The only difference I made was to leave out the gathering of the leg ends, to make them look less sporty.
  For the vest you need some suitable, strong enough, stretchy fabric, and a pattern for a basic t-shirt. Simply use the front and back pieces of the shirt to cut out the shape of the vest, form a little v-shaped neck if it isn´t already, and sew together. Then use the leftover fabric ( I always buy a little extra to be sure I don´t run short of it ) from the pants to trim the edges.
  Voilá! You´re done! You have a guaranteed stylish outfit to keep your kid warm! There will obviously be needed a shirt underneath the vest, but that can be chosen to your liking and what happens to be clean in the closet  =)

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