Monday, November 7, 2011


  Here are a couple of little projects I´ve worked on lately. There are so many things I´d like to get my hands on, but so little time... First things first, the rest will have to wait until retirement!

  I was unfortunate and had someone close pass away recently. The funeral was held the other weekend, and I wanted to make something special in the honor of the deceased.
  Nowadays it´s too easy to just pop into a shop and get anything you want, with relatively little money. So I thought a bought card would be tacky and lame. Here´s what I made instead:

I tore a page out of an delightfully aged book and sketched a big candlestick on it. Only the outlines are what matter here, it is fully painted over with black acrylic paint.

Artistic, different, original, beautiful, let´s people know you´ve put in time and effort. Still easy to make, and can be varied to suit many occasions just by changing the picture theme!

  Another of my recent projects is a brooch made of leftover material. Again, wonderfully repeats and fills in the spirit of Samhain, and can be used in several ways. Traditionally on a blouse or a shirt, but also pretty in a hairband.

I used the leftover purple fleece from the wide pants I showed you earlier, as a base. The grey fabric is that of the shirt I wore with the wide pants, the 40´s look. The lace is a short piece I´ve had for years, waiting to be turned into something brilliant, like this.

Here you can see the brooch on a different background, to give an idea how I like to work with colors matching the surrounding nature.
The pearls I´ve had for over ten years, and the center piece is an old button, nearly as old as the pearls. It was well worth saving them!

To give you an idea of the size of the brooch, here it is in my hand (oops, I clearly should use more lotion on my hands, they´re looking quite wrinkly... =)

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