Thursday, November 24, 2011


  Green smoothies have been a hit for a while, but I wonder, do everyday people enjoy them regularly? I know many of the people I know wouldn´t even touch one, even if offered ready-made, and for free.
  I have phases when I crave green smoothies more often than on other times, but I do drink them year round. Last summer I had a two week period, when I ate only raw food. That was what my body craved at the moment, and since I was on a holiday, it was easier to pull it through. I try to listen to my body´s needs, and satisfy them as well as I can.
  Here´s my staple green smoothie for this time of the year:

I still have lots of kale in my garden, so I use that to achieve this rich, beautiful green color.

Sunflower seeds, pecans, almonds, anything goes on top of this thick smoothie to make this a complete meal. I´ve tried more liquid smoothies, but I prefer these thicker ones that you can spoon away.

The recipe (for one person):

1 big bunch of green leaves ( I used kale here )
1 banana
orange/tangerine juice (freshly squeezed at home)
small piece of fresh ginger
handful of seeds/nuts to sprinkle over the smoothie

= Blend the greens with the juice first, as finely as your machine can work it (this is especially important when using hard greens like kale). Then add the banana and ginger, and blend again until a smooth texture is reached. You can add water,if needed, and in case you run out of juice, there is plenty of flavor in the smoothie to keep it still mouth watering. Pour into a serving bowl and top with the seeds/nuts of your choice.
  This is a filling breakfast or a snack, which keeps me going for about five hours.
  Toast to your health!

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