Monday, November 28, 2011


  I finally made some of this wonderful art for my own home too!
  This is the same technique I used to make the card I showed in my earlier posts. But here the idea is turned into "real" diy art by framing the pieces and hanging them on the wall. Check it out!

Black is the color I use all around my home to give depth. Black paint and black frames go together, and sheets of an old book are the key to the whole idea. What does change from one project to the next is the background cardboard color and the shapes painted. The cardboard looks cool when it is toned to fit the wall color. That gives an impression of the art really being in the right place, like it belongs there.

Here is the reason why I painted fish. I had a bald spot on the wall, and tried to figure out what to do with it, until it hit me. I had to rescue those ferns from outside before frost bites them too hard, and had nowhere to put them. And for once I could put one and one together! Notice how the picture in the paintings continue from one to the next, giving it more of the shape of the aquarium. And a nifty little detail is that the plants and rocks are in their "right" places also in the paintings. Call me childish, but I think it´s a nice little gag for my guests to notice.

Here is the bigger picture. And the reason why I think my guests will notice my new fishy art. Everybody uses a restroom, right?

  This art is easy to make but looks neat.

What you need is:
2 sheets of an old book
a pencil (and an eraser just in case =)
black acrylic paint
a small brush
paper glue
2 sheets of cardboard for background
2 basic black frames

What you do is:
  Draw the outlines of whatever you wish to portrait on the sheets of a book with the pencil. If hesitating, make the figures thin rather than thick, because thickness is easy to add as you go. Let dry.
  Glue the paintings on cardboards and place in the frames. That´s it!
P.S. Don´t forget to sign! These pieces of art will be evergreen hits, viewed by many for decades to come...

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