Monday, May 5, 2014


  Last weekend was one of the many yet to come at our summer cabin this year. We went there just the two of us, my husband and I, but it was not all just hugs and kisses. We still have a big task to do clearing out the storm damages from last winter.

Under the bright early summer sun we worked. And thanks to my sister, I now wear day cream with sunblock. She´s lectured me about the importance of it, and she is right. Thanks!
The island where our cabin is located is so small, that there is not enough ground to clear out all the salt from the sea water. Therefore there is no running water, or plumbing for that matter. An outhouse is the only option. We started off by taking down the old and nasty outhouse with a chainsaw and...

... a sledgehammer. I say "we", but the truth is I did not touch either one. I kindly carried away the pieces of crap my husband had demolished. Team work, baby! Last fall we begun building a new shed for firewood, tools, and a new outhouse. Good thing we did, because now we have so many knocked down tree trunks to chop and store, that we badly need the storage space. It was also lucky that we did not get so far as to take down the old outhouse last fall, because it took a huge hit by one of the major spruces in the storm. Had it not been there still, the new shed might even have cracked.

Since we were, after all, spending a holiday weekend, I took the time to adore nature´s beauty. It is always calming and comforting.

The ground is quite barren, but luckily fertile enough for some species to flourish.

And it was very windy from the cold North. Water temperature was only 48 Fahrenheit (9 Centigrade), but it did not stop my husband from swimming! Although it is devastating even to think about dipping in, the reality is that he has not suffered from common colds since we bought the place nearly three years ago and started swimming in the freezing waters. I wish I could do that!
Here´s what we accomplished. The sauna will heat up countless of times with this amount of firewood! Yipee!
But there is still a lot more to do... This is not nearly all of it either... The shed proceeded towards finish line too, missing only windows, doors, and trims now. We are very satisfied with the result of the weekend, we exceeded our goals.

On my way home, only ten minutes from our house, hit a big snowfall. With all these hills on the way, I was not sure if I was going to make it home. How pathetic would that be, having first driven nearly three hours, and then in the last minute hit the ditch?!

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