Thursday, May 8, 2014


  My new favorite set of handbags, now in colors of Beltane:

 Here the bags are empty and one inside the other. Most often I only have so little stuff inside the big one, that the small one fits in it easily.
I found the perfect, subtle, warm, light green faux leather fabric for the bags. Faux leather is the perfect material because it keeps any moisture out, and is easy to just wipe clean.
Whenever I hit the town running errands, I place the big bag in the trunk of my car. It holds stuff I need to have with me just in case, like diapers for my little girl or my allergy medication, but most often don´t use. The small one I carry with me wherever I go, and I have all the important things in it, like the wallet, phone, keys, and lipbalm.
A stylish pair, aren´t they?

The lining crowns the whole look. It is deliberately left visible on the upper edge, because the root and stem of my Beltane palette is the combination of green and pink. Romantic images of perfume bottles and tiny roses are pictured in the cotton lining.
  I made a set of these same bags, but in different color, for my Ostara collection too. You can see it here. These babies have proven to be totally handy in real life! I´m happy to have invented them.

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