Sunday, May 11, 2014


 I simply need to share this tip with anyone who has/will have an energetic toddler in the house. A night light can help your little one to sleep better!

  My daughter climbed out of her crib some weeks ago. Yep, over the edges like a Tarzan. So that marked the end of her crib time, and now she sleeps in a "big" girl´s bed. That in turn means she can come and go as she pleases, in and out of her new nest (a phase I was not looking forward to very eagerly...  =).

  It was time to dig up the old night light I had bought for our son many years ago, when he was in this stage. What I did now was set a timer in the power outlet for the light, so that it switches the lamp on at around 9.30pm and off at 8.00am. Then I explained to my daughter (who recently turned two) that when the light is on, it means it is night time and we all need to sleep (especially mommy...). And that she is not to come to mommy and daddy´s bedroom in the morning until the light has switched off.
  This worked well with our son, and looks like it will work with our daughter now too. We have been learning to sleep according to the night light for a couple of weeks now. Looks promising.

  We live far up in the North, where summer nights are light. Soon there will be no darkness at all, and it would impossible for a two-year-old to tell time without a clock. But now she has a "clock" and will know!

  The result of our night light is that the whole family can sleep better and thus be happier. Ingenuous!

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