Wednesday, May 14, 2014


  As we all know, faeries live in our world, but we just don´t see them very often. =)
  Beltane, for me, is the teenage time of year. At this point the year has grown from a baby (Imbolc) to a child (Ostara), and now turned into it´s teens.
This outfit combines those two elements. This is what my Teenage Faery looks like:

Rather bold yet simple, without too many layers of details. Just like teenagers.

This was my sketch of what was about to take form. I´m still letting the inner child in me to play with these Bratz paper dolls. They are so cool. =)
The wrist warmers are handy at this time of year. It is still quite cold in the beginning of Beltane (mid April) but it can be hot even towards the end (early June). Or in the morning it is still very cool and in the afternoon really warm. Tricky.  I can pull the warmers up and down accordingly.
I´ve learned to dig pants with stripes. These pants are nearly leggings, but I prefer to keep them a bit loose with such a short skirt like this one. The mini skirt is actually sewn together with the pants at the waist, so it will not twist around. And there is a petticoat underneath to keep it from crawling up or any other place less attractive. Skinny jeans/pants have been hip for such a long time, but I still do not dig them one bit. Especially on me. This is the only way I think they can look good, or should I say I can look good with them on. Butt needs to be covered, or even a skinny little faery can look bulgy.

Makeup is surprisingly minimal. Teens don´t usually yet wear loads of makeup (or if they do, it is not done in the manner I want to embrace  =).  So I kept the colors nude, except for the pink lipgloss and a touch of pink blush on the cheeks, to give a healthy and youthful glow. This shirt is as hot as my pink can go. When I applied my new pink lipgloss on for the first time with this look, I feared I´d look too Barbie-like. But thanks to the other parts of the outfit, I think I managed to dodge that trap! Why do so many women want to look like plastic dolls? Embrace well cared for natural beauty instead.

I trimmed the sleeves by stitching a narrow zig zag around the edges. It is so suitable for all faeries and gives a girly and a bit of a romantic touch.
  In the beginning I did not have a clear vision of what this outfit should be like. I only had my hot pink, denim, and the mini skirt. I marched in to the fabric shop and screened what they had, and did the best I could. Could not find stretchy thin denim for the skirt. Had to improvise. Ended up buying a tad too little shirt fabric (because it shrunk soooo much in the pre-wash), that I had to improvise with the outer layer of the back piece too. Did you notice how it is shorter than the inner one?
  Making an outfit is always a path. You never know exactly what there will stand at the end. This end I like very much.

This faery is no longer in her teens, but who cares?! Beauty and style belong to all of us women, and many of us only get better as we pass our teens. Age is no excuse to look bad. I love the saying "Beauty is to a woman, what money is to a man"! Wise words...

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