Thursday, January 10, 2013


  The time has come to put up Imbolc decor around the house and garden. It used to make me so sad, and the house so empty, after taking down Christmas decoration. But no more baby!

  Some years ago I realized the importance of Sabbats, and started living from one festival to the next. Now my life is one big, continuous, celebration (that is the attitude I have adapted, and find most rewarding in life). I don´t need huge plans about upcoming, rather rare events, like a trip to Hawaii (which would be nice though!), to keep me going and motivated. I enjoy nature and beauty around me, everyday.

   Here´s how I beautify my Imbolc this year:

Kitchen table. Above the candle swirl six metal snowflakes by the heat from the fire.

Bringing outdoors in. These evergreens are sprayed with some fluffy white "snow" (I bought them ready made, very cheap on post-Christmas-sale).
Entrance hall.

Saintpaulias are a classic. I like to combine store-bought items with natural ingredients from nature. They bring forward each other´s qualities.
The opposite side of entrance hall.

All white flowers go at Imbolc. Here chrysanthemum.
Outside needs it´s touch up too. Nature itself is quite plain this time of year, so all I wanted to add to these spruce twigs was a snowflake.
And when it darkens in the evening, I light a canle outside. There is something heartwarming in a flickering candlelight. Imbolc is the last Sabbat when it is still dark enough for candle burning.
I hung a decorational snowflake inside the lantern to give it more detail.


  This feels like a head-start to Imbolc, because normally I would turn the wheel-of-the-year two weeks before the event itself. But I really needed to get rid of Yule decor.
  Days have gotten longer already, and my mind is all set for approaching Imbolc. I think I even heard a bird singing yesterday!

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