Sunday, January 13, 2013


  Sandman goes to Bollywood:

In my search of the perfect tunic, I came accross with this one. An Indian costume pattern, with both, the tunic and pants included. Just perfect for sleepwear! I love fancy fabrics, but can´t use them in daywear without looking too dressed up.
A kiss goodnight.
If I can´t sleep, I read a bit.
Sometimes a bit more, while waiting for Sandman.

Finally. Zzzz...

  I used a stretchy cotton-based jersey for this "pajama". Jersey is more comfortable to sleep in than non-stretchy materials. The tunic has slits on the hips, allowing movement to every direction freely. The pants are carrot-shaped (which makes my bum look huge without this long tunic, but don´t tell anyone =) and I would never wear them during the day. But in the evening and night they keep my ankles warm and are easier to roll around in bed with, than my usual wide-legged-pants. All in all a very comfortable, pretty, and cozy sleepwear.
  Goog night!

P.S. I couldn´t find the exact same pattern I used on the net, but here is a similar one.

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