Tuesday, September 4, 2012


  Every now and then I like to challenge myself by learning something completely new. I have taken different classes; raw living foods, foreign language, and acting/theater in the past years. Now it is time to learn Pilates.
  I don´t know much about the practice, only that it focuses to strengthen the middle section of the human body. And that is just what I need after pregnancy and childbirth!
  But what to wear?! The eternal question for us women. I have no gym gear or any sports clothes what so ever. I don´t exercise. (Shame on me...) A little imagination and planning gave me an idea of what might be needed, and I created this:

Subtle grey is a neutral color that leaves me feeling calm and safe in my expedition to the Pilates world. The pants are made of very stretchy swimsuit-like fabric, so they allow the tunic to flow straight down and not cling on. The top is made of stretchy and soft viscose rayon, and is a pleasure to touch.

A long tunic bottom covers the critical areas... I wouldn´t feel comfortable bending over with my panties showing in the back (which I see happening and dislike the sight).

My hair is braided like this in the class, so it won´t fall in my face and get tangled up around my arms as I move. Here you can see how I have extended the torso piece by adding a simple mini skirt to the hem. It is practical to have a shirt tight at the waist in Pilates, so the instructor can see if you aren´t doing something well.

  The first class of the Pilates course is behind now. Judging by that experience, I can say I´m very pleased with this outfit!

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