Saturday, September 1, 2012


  Trends come and go - style is forever. My fashion styles remain the same year after year, which is both ecological and handy. I can pull out the same good outfits from storage over and over again. And they always feel fresh and up to date. After all, I only wear each collection by the sabbat for about six weeks. Then it is time for a change again. I love this system!

  This outfit is my "old faithful". I made it about five years ago, and have worn it each Lughnasadh since.

My favorite patterns are used to make these pants and shirt again. Loose, comfortable pants go well with my pear-shaped figure (and with every figure by the way). The bat-sleeved t-shirt adds volume to the top, balancing the bottom.

The trouble with today´s clothes in stores is that they mosty look horrific when seen from this angle. Side profile makes up to half of us, so it is important we look good that way too. Even in fashion catalogues they should put profile pictures of the models so we could get a realistic view of the garments advertised.

Jewellery here is quite big to my size standards, but subtle in color. Therefore the whole look remains natural.

The no-makeup- makeup. In my Lughnasadh look it is essential to look very natural, like I´m hardly wearing any makeup. For this look I used concealer and translucent finishing powder, no foundation at all. The key is to choose colors that are very close to my natural colors, and only slightly to accentuate them. In short, nude tones.

  My old faithful saved my butt this week, when we attended our goddaughter´s fourth birthday party. I haven´t had any time to sew for myself, and I was very happy to have had this outfit in my wardrobe, again! (I just hope they didn´t remember that I wore these clothes to her first birthday too...)     =)

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