Friday, September 14, 2012


  Luckily I´m back at my pre-pregnancy weight, and need not lose anymore. Now it is time to stay this sized. It doesn´t happen by itself, I know, and therefore I have put together an eating plan for Mabon (from now on until about late October).

  Feeling full and satisfied after a meal is important to me in order to stick to any plan. This menu is an all-you-can eat style, just keep the meals vegan and low fat.

Breakfast: (every day of the week)
1/2 liter green tea + soymilk
2 dl yogurt + berries/fruit + nuts/seeds

1/2 liter water
+ Mon: pasta dish
+ Tue: dip delight (for example veggies, bread sticks, tofu, baked potatoe wedges, vegan weenies, etc.)
+ Wed: soup and bread
+ Thu: pie/quiche
+ Fri: hamburgers (make vegan patties and assemble as usual)
+ Sat: pancakes
+ Sun: mashed potatoes, some sort of sauce, and a side salad

Dinner: (every day of the week)
1/2 liter green tea + soymilk
oatmeal porridge/home made bread with jam (or other flavorings, such as cocoa)

1/2 liter herbal tea
+ Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 4 chocolate topped Digestives (I use store-bought)
+ Sat: candy
+ Sun: dried fruit pieces (my favorites are coconut, banana, and strawberry)

  The recipes vary according to what ingredients I happen to have. That also gives variety from week to week. I like to have a core plan to my eatings,  because then I don´t have to ponder what to eat every day, and it keeps my diet in some sort of order, making sure I don´t go overboard with unhealthy goodies.

  Right now tomatoes are in season, and I get them for free from a farmer in my village. He is an 83-year-old man who grows them as a hobby aside from the actual farming he still is involved in with his son. This is my luxurious recipe I always use his tomatoes for at this time of year:

Perfect Monday lunch!

Tomato sauce:
7 dl tomatoes
3 Tbsp olive oil
3 sage leaves
margarine (vegan)
2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar

Remove the navels of the tomatoes, chop coarsly, and puré in a blender. (Fine people peel the skins off and remove the seeds too, but I have better things to do with my time so I don´t bother.) Place the puré in a pan with the oil and sage, let cook for about 15 min. Remove the sage and add salt according to your liking. Remove from heat, pour in  the vinegar and do not cook anymore.
  Serve with pasta and add a dollop of margarine on top (this is very important in order to achieve the perfect flavor).

  With this menu I hope to maintain my current weight, which is around BMI 20. You can easily check your BMI here.

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