Monday, September 10, 2012


  Mabon is upon us, and it is time to update my baby´s wardrobe. (She also grows so quickly that she really needs bigger clothes.)
  Mabon is the time of year when nature turns brown as all the summer plants, grasses, and leaves wilt and die. Therefore dark brown is the core color in my Mabon palette. Baby clothes are traditionally pastel year round, but I feel most comfortable dressing my kids in darker colors now.

  Here is the latest outfit I made for my baby girl:

A bonnet, body shirt, and pants. All made of soft, stretchy jersey. This brown looks good on my baby, and is quite girly even thanks to the dress. Often there is too little variation in baby clothes in the stores. Making clothes yourself is a great way to achieve the look and feeling you like, and really isn´t very hard (but a little time consuming, I admit).

The pants also needed a piece of the frog fabric, but I had difficulty figuring out where to place it. Until it hit me. The soles of the feet is the perfect place to show a little of this theme fabric. Plus it makes them look more detailed (where in reality it really is as easy to make as of the other fabric). I have learned to digg these type of pants because they have sort of built-in socks. It is not possible for a baby to kick these socks off! My firstborn is a boy, and therefore I never realized the world of pantyhose or these type of pants before. (They wouldn´t look very manly on boys...)

I fell in love with this fabric in the spring, when I saw it in the store, and had to buy it. Little did I know at the time what I would make of it, but now I´m glad I did buy it! I have always had a thing for frogs. For some reason I simply love them!

This is where everything started. I only meant to make a simple bonnet, since she had outgrown her previous ones during the summer. Then I added the bow to make it more girly. But it looked so nice I wanted to expand the look.
  Now my baby is all set for autumn trips to relatives´ place, the doctor´s, shopping, etc. Maybe I should next focus on myself... Often when I see kids with their parents, the kids are way better dressed! Why is that? Anyway, I don´t want to fall for that. Beauty and style is a luxury for all of us, and doesn´t need much money to achieve!
  I know people who only buy stuff from grand lables, mixing and matching without a second thought, and then belive to be stylish. How I secretly pitty them... Price tags and style don´t walk hand in hand. That gives hope for the rest of us who are armed with a thinner wallet!

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