Monday, May 14, 2012


  Beltane offers us tons of natural wild greens to add to our diets, but I just had to try the new gadget I bought earlier this year; a sprouter. I tested the smaller version earlier in Oestara with garden cress, and now it was time to try out the bigger tray with sunflower seeds.


I love the fact that using this sprouter there is no soil clinging to the sprouts, and causing my teeth to chip. Easy and less messy.

The tray itself is from Lord Nelson (the page is not in English), but there must be other brands selling similar kinds.

Sunflower is one of those seeds I never was very fond of before, because I found it too much work compared to what I gained from all of it. There was the soil everywhere in the sprouts, and I had to pick the seed shells off the sprouts before I could get munching. Now there is only half of the work left, and I have fallen in love with these soft yet crunchy sprouts.

  I have tossed these sprouts over everything: soups, bread, pasta, salads of course, and even pizza. They add a nice fresh, mild, a bit nutty touch to foods. I love it!

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