Friday, May 25, 2012


  I picked up a bouquet of lily of the valleys yesterday when getting the mail from the box. It grows around my mailbox like crazy at this time of year. The scent was in the air a long way before I even got there, and it just made me so happy! I wanted to bring some of the wonderfulness inside my house as well.
  But where to place the bouquet?

In the bathroom of course.

I hate it when men do their thing standing up! Therefore I´ve installed instructions of use straight onto the bowl itself. =)
This won´t be needed as much anymore... Now I think life should be fun, and adding little details like this one cheer´s one up. It is actually missing the mouth piece, so it wouldn´t even work in reality.
When washing hands it is lovely to bend over the lilies and get a strong sense of their lovely scent.
Now I´m terrible when it comes to vases. For some reason I´ve not managed to buy one single piece yet in life. So this old juice bottle will have to do. And hey, it´s ecological too! I
Can you just nearly smell them? Aah!

  As an air freshener I normally sprinkle a couple of drops of essential oil in the hand towel. My favorite scent in the bathroom is eucalyptus. But now I won´t have to use that, and I can enjoy these with my eyes as well as my nose. Lovely!

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