Tuesday, May 8, 2012


  This past winter, when my baby wasn´t yet born, I explored different types of patterns to use to make panties to go over her cloth diapers. I made three different types, which I tested the first thing after she was born. It was quickly clear which ones were the best.
  Now it has come time to make the next size of those same panties. Here they are:

There are actually three pairs of these, but one is always in use, so I could only catch these two on camera.

The edges are turned in, so that bare skin touches only the cotton side of the fabric, not the polyurethane laminated inner side or the elastic bands.

Little details add cuteness, and show which is the front side.

The bows are bought from a craft shop, and are not actually intended to be washed in a machine, but they have endured fine!

  The diapers we use are excellent, all-sizes-in-one types from Snug-To-Fit. I bought them, about twenty pieces, eight years ago when my firstborn was on the way. The diapers worked very well, and he learned to potty (and then quickly use the toilet) easily before he turned two. They are still in excellent condition, and I´m so glad I don´t have to spend so much money on disposable diapers now!

  These panties are based on a pattern like this, but they weren´t originally meant to fit a cloth diaper. So I just raised the back a little to cover the whole bum. You don´t have to be so pedantic with kids´ clothes, as long as they´re big enough to fit!

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