Saturday, May 5, 2012


  Saturday is my munchies day. I treat myself by having my absolute favorite food in the world: pizza. Home made is the best, but I don´t always have time or the opportunity to make it, so sometimes I go for a store bought one. I actually prefer frozen pizzas over restaurant ones, because they don´t leave me so overly stuffed.
  For evening snack I go for the best in the world too: chocolate. Again, home made is the best, but I do admit I cut the corners sometimes and just buy it from the grocery store. 

 Breakfast: 1/2 liter green tea, plain
                   berry pudding

Recipe: berries (any and as much as you like), 1 banana, 1/2 avocado, wild edible greens (as much as your taste buds can tolerate), little water. Blend all in blender until smooth. Enjoy the taste and your vibrant health!

Lunch: 1/2 liter water
            pizza (preferably home made and vegan. I use the recipe for scones  to make the crust, and then top it with veggies and soy cheese. Simple and delicious.) )

Dinner: 1/2 liter herbal tea with soymilk
             raw chocolate (I mix raw coconut butter with oatmeal, honey, medjool dates, agave, cacao powder, vanilla sugar, and a pinch of salt. )

  Yummy Saturday!

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