Friday, May 4, 2012


  The sabbat has changed from Oestara to Beltane, and so has my weekly menu. Here is what I will be eating throughout Beltane on Fridays:

Breakfast: 1/2 liter green tea, plain
                chocolate pudding

All healthy, raw food recipe: 1 banana, 4 medjool dates, cocoa powder to taste, vanilla sugar, a handful of sesame seeds, wild edible greens, and a little water. Blend all in a blender until smooth. Unbelievable that this treat can still be good for me!

Lunch: 1/2 liter water
           goat´s cheese salad (I use whatever veggies I happen to have, fresh and cooked, and top them with the cheese.)
            2 big rice cakes

Dinner: 1/2 liter herbal tea with soymilk
            cinnamon roll- flavored oatmeal (oatmeal = 1dl oat flakes+2 1/2dl water, topped with cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla sugar, honey, and a little butter)

Dessert: chunks of dried coconut

  Using this menu as a guideline assures that I eat a varied diet, and stay clear(er) from unhealthy food choices. Plus it makes grocery shopping easier and money-saving knowing what I need, instead of buying everything appealing. Works for me.

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