Thursday, November 21, 2013


  Throwing away perfectly good stuff is very difficult for me. If I can find a way around it, I will take it. Usually I donate my/our unused stuff to my Mom, who corageously tackles the lot, and sells it in a second hand shop. She can keep all the profit as a thank you for recycling. Thanks Mom!

  A little while ago I made myself the French Artist- outfit, and was left with a generous piece of knit fabric from the shirt. Today I took the time to turn it into this:

Tunics are a fabulous piece of clothing, for both girls and women! I hope their reign will last long. I envision my little girl wearing this with a pair of black leggings and a black bow in her hair (for ten seconds max. before she tears it off =).
Raglan sleeves are a nice change, and one day will excuse growing out of it better... =)

I trimmed the neckhole with a strip of another leftover piece (from my own Classic Grey Shirt). A proof that it is worth the while to store stuff (to a certain extent!).

  I know from experience that this fabric is really, really warm, so now my one-year-old is well set once the terrible freezing weather arrives (it is exceptional that it has not already).

P.S. The pattern I used for this tunic is from here.


  1. Thank you!!! It has become the new favorite. When wearing this classic style, my one-year-old looks like a mini lady. =) Pink is okay, but we need alternatives too, right?