Monday, November 25, 2013


  For the past two Samhains I have not been able to take part and fully enjoy this season of partying. Last year I was breastfeeding, and the year before pregnant. So now I´m totally excited about being able to buzz around again! And I needed another party top.
  This one I designed specifically for Samhain. For the wilder side of it, that is:

Silver sequins on silver fabric maximize sparkle and shine! Here I dressed down a bit by pairing it with jeans. (My handly little handbag I made of an old leather jacket, the same one I used to make a hat for me in the summer.)

With a top this glittery I don´t feel the need to add much accessories. "Diamonds" in my ears and wrist are enough, and repeat the sparkling effect of the top.
Here is a friend of mine sipping her super-cool flashing drink! Oh, how refreshing it is for a stay-at-home mom to have moments like these in her life!  =)

I had a dazzling night out wearing this!

  Honestly, this is the first ever garment I own that has sequins in it! I have always thought that sequins are only for Southern Belles in their beauty pageants, but apparently there is more to them. And the Southern Belles have always been right! And beautiful!

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