Sunday, November 3, 2013


  Playing with different styles and looks is so much fun! What better suits Samhain than the gothic look?
   I´m creating a real world wardrobe for myself, one that I can go to work with, so I tone down the images in my head to bring to and suit my everyday life. When walking down the street, I do not want to look like I´ve just ran off of a theater stage!
  Here is my gothic outfit, in the casual and easy-to-wear way:

Black is the base color of course, but instead of going all black (which we have all seen so many times), I opted for grey leather for the shirt (faux leather that is). I already have one all-black outfit in my Samhain collection, and besides, this way the whole is more interesting. For that same reason I chose pants instead of the obvious dress/skirt. In our visual world today, my eye enjoys a breath of fresh air, or a small challenge, among the usual jeans-and-t-shirt look.
The sketch. Black and grey combined with dark purple. In my mind purple is the color of wisdom and power (not saying I possess either!) in the mythical world. Just the perfect illusion.
If the leather had been black, I would have ended up looking too much like Lady Domina. That´s no way for me to present myself, anywhere! I´m a good girl...

A detail of the neckhole. I used the same ribbon/lace to decorate the leg hems too. It adds a nice, combining, touch to the top and bottom.
A better view of the faux leather fabric. I kept the sleeves short for better circulation of fresh air.

A nifty little detail to keep me safe in these dark Samhain days (and seemingly endless evenings!), a reflective band circling around the leg hem. If for some reason I should forget my other reflectors home, I´m hoping these will keep me visible and not get hit by a car.

The same reflective band without a flashlight.

  This outfit is even festive enough to go to parties in. Early winter is the time of year that is always busy with parties here and there. I think I´m gonna show up in one of them wearing my new Goth outfit!


  1. A beautiful, perfect Goddess, Indeed.

  2. Well thank you! What great taste you have! ;)